JETSCREEN will develop a screening and optimization platform for alternative fuels.

The platform integrates distributed design tools & generic experiments that will assess the risks and benefits and optimize alternative fuels for a maximum energy per kilogram of fuel and a reduction of pollutants emissions. 

JETSCREEN will provide fuel producers, air framers and aero-engine and fuel system OEMs with knowledge-based screening tools that will:

JETSCREEN will develop its screening and optimization platform/framework

based on a research methodology that starts with a fuel matrix encompassing so-called extreme fuels.



In the tool development phase, the process-specific extreme fuels are explored experimentally then modelled. Quantitative results or qualitative assessments are expected depending on the level of maturity when predicting fuel’s impact on physical sub-processes or on the fuel system or the engine system. Finally, in the tool application phase, the tools are integrated into a screening workflow.